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After my father’s death, my stepmother assumed control of my life. She believes I’ll cave to her demands, even when that means arranging a marriage to a man who makes my skin crawl.

With no other choice, I ran toward comfort. The Blacksmith, a kind soul the fae have turned their backs on. He’s allowed nothing: no name, no rights, no wife.

To be with the man I want, I’ll have to make a deal with a God. An immortal being who promises to help at the cost of one night together. An idea that makes me burn with desire.


The only thing standing between me and my happily ever after, is a Prince I must make mine, and betrothal I have to get out of.

Whatever happens, I know I can’t let my stepmother win.

Having everything have everything to lose.

Join Cinderella as her story continues in Book 2 of the Glass Queen trilogy.

Cindered Glass


Splintered Glass

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